2016 in review

December 31, 2016

What a year it’s been for Shakepay and our ever growing community.

For the lazy, here’s a tl;dr of 2016 in 140 characters:

First tap & pay. Lucas our first user. Launched Alpha. Boost VC in Cali. Launched plastic, public beta, Instant. . Users in 119 countries.

Exactly a year ago we sent out this post on r/bitcoin with a tremendous response of sign ups on our then very simple yet promising landing page. Little did we know this was the start of something big.

Since then, lots has happened. In chronological order:

  • Our first tap & pay in the midst of a freezing winter in Montreal. Shake tap and pay

  • Our first user. Lucas was excited enough to download our app and head to a shop to tap & pay with his phone. We went nuts when we found out he had even filmed it. Thank you Lucas.

  • We published our manifesto on our blog

  • Followed by the launch of Shakepay Alpha

  • Word quickly spread around the interweb and people started writing about us: Merkle, CoinTelegraph, PYMNTS

  • Mason, a nice chap we met online and got to know quite well this year, ordered a Tesla Model 3 using Shakepay

  • We then jetted off to San Mateo, California to be a cockroach within Boost VC

  • Many of you requested we offer plastic cards, so we delivered

Shake plastic card

  • We unleashed him at Boost VC’s demo day.

  • We then had a crazy idea. What if you could generate one time use cards directly in your browser? So we built Shakepay Instant. And it went wild.

  • And, in one graph, our 2016.

Since day 1, we’ve committed ourselves to building the most powerful payment service for those who travel and spend in many currencies around the world. We’re continuing what we’ve started.

We had a blast in 2016 and most of the excitement has come from the interactions we’ve had with you, our community. We’re amazed by the level of engagement you’ve had with Shakepay and if we get so lucky to grow with folks half as awesome as you all are, we’ll easily conquer the world.

What a fantastic year and here’s to an even better one

See y’all in 2017!

– Shakepay team


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