Introducing Shake Alpha

March 24, 2016

We’re very excited to introduce a first version of Shake, one that we’re dubbing Shake Alpha.

Shake Alpha allows you to make your everyday purchases in bitcoin. It comes in two flavours:

  1. A mobile app that allows you to tap & pay at contactless terminals

Shake tap and pay

  1. A web app that displays your virtual card to pay online

Shake web app

The Shake mobile app

With the Shake Android app you can add funds in bitcoin, tap & pay at store terminals, and view card details for online purchases.

Tap & pay

The Shake app allows anyone with an Android phone equipped with NFC to tap & pay for purchases at any VISA-accepting contactless terminal.

See it in action

We’ll be releasing an iOS version soon that has all these great features except for tap & pay.

The Shake web app

With the Shake web app you can add funds in bitcoin and view card details for online purchases.


  • Free to create your first virtual card
  • $1 or €1 monthly charge
  • 1% on the bitcoin to fiat exchange (we share upfront the total cost)
  • 3% if a card is used in a foreign transaction (e.g. a USD card used in a CAD transaction)

Sign me up

Head over to and add your email to the early access list. Get your phones ready because we’re inviting people everyday.

If you’re really excited to give Shake a try, send us bitcoin-related humour at :)


How long do you wait for the bitcoin transaction to confirm
6 confirmations.

How do you calculate the bitcoin exchange rate
We use Bitpay’s Bitcoin Best Bid Rate at the moment of transaction.

Where can I use the Shake tap & pay
At any VISA-accepting contactless terminal.

How do I know if my phone will work with tap & pay
Most Android phones equipped with NFC will work with Shake. This is a good site to check the specs of your phone.

What kind of card is it
Your Shake card is a VISA card.


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