The Shake plastic card

August 10, 2016

Today, we’re announcing one of the most tangible feature we’ve ever introduced: The Shake plastic card.

Shake plastic card

Let’s get plastic, baby.

Where can I use my Shake card?

In person at over 35 million merchants. The EMV-enabled Shake card is accepted worldwide by either chip & pin or swipe and sign.

At over 2.2 million ATMs worldwide. Your new Shake plastic card will allow you to withdraw cash at ATMs all over the world.

Online where VISA cards are accepted. Just like a virtual card, the plastic card can be used to transact online.

Awesome features

Top up your plastic card with your phone. The Shake Android app allows you to top up your card with funds converted from bitcoin. No waiting in line at the bank, no remembering bank account password, no ‘one moment, please’-s on the phone.

Fraud prevention. If your card is lost or stolen, don’t sweat it! Your card can be blocked and replaced instantly.


  USD card EUR card
Issuing a card $ 15.00 € 15.00
Monthly fee $ 1.00 € 1.00
Card loading 1% 1%
Foreign currency conversion 3% 3%
Domestic ATM withdrawals $ 2.50 € 2.25
International ATM withdrawals $ 3.50 € 2.75

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Note: We are currently issuing to over 130 countries, as listed here.


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