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October 7, 2016

Shake web app

tl;dr Shake Alpha opens to the public and we’re introducing Shake Blue. Sign up here.

Howdy-ho neighbour. Glad you made it all the way to our blog. It’s difficult sometimes to assume people click on things and actually read articles. I should say something important.


What does this mean?

It means that Shake Alpha is now Shake Beta and just about anyone can sign up by clicking on this blue text link right here or on the Google Play Store:

A sign up will give you the special powers of a bitcoin funded debit card with tap and pay on your Android phone (currently available for North and South American countries only) and …

Shake Blue

Shake Blue allows you to make transactions in bitcoin where using a VISA card would be insane. So far, we’ve had requests to buy cars, houses, and cross-border currency converted payments. Feel free to request something, we’ll surely find a way.

What’s this blue raccoon thing?

Sorry mate, it’s actually a red panda that is of colour blue. A blue red panda if you prefer. His name is Shakey and he’s happy you’re here too.

Super powers

With the power invested in your NFC chip, your phone now grants you unlimited access to pay for things without ever having to carry your wallet around. How do we know? We’ve been living off it for months. Perks of building something you’ve been dying for. Here’s a really sexy GIF:

Shake tap and pay

Uh, yeah. It’s pronounced GIF. And here are a couple of our users using Shake.

Want to know where we’re headed? Check out this bonjour, world post.

One last call to action: Get Shake on the web or on Android. Apple users will have to wait for the tap & pay.

Have a wonderful day!

– The Shake team


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